November Events

Please consider joining us on October 31 & November 1, 2012 at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Medical Design & Manufacturing Expo. We will be there walking around meeting with candidates and customers and learning about innovative new technology. To find out more information and sign up to go, go to: Also check … Continue reading

THE Most Important Question a Candidate Needs to Ask

Over the years we have accumulated a vast amount of data to help our candidates get the position they want.   And time after time the one piece of feedback we get from hiring managers most often is “Great candidate, they would be a great fit but we are not sure if they want to work … Continue reading

October Events

On Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012 at St Paul College, NewTown Solutions founders, Dave and Andrea Neville were guest speakers at a TiE Minnesota event promoted, “How did you do it?”  Bill Popp of Popp Communications joined Dave and Andrea on stage to give their stories of successful entrepreneurial endeavors.  The discussion centered on the rewards … Continue reading