How to Approach Hiring the Right People and Avoid Hiring the Wrong Ones

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The simple reality for many business owners is that, in many ways, the company can only be as good as the people who represent it. That’s why hiring managers everywhere want to make sure they do everything possible to bring in the right talent when it comes to recruiting. While there is no tried and true formula to doing so, there are a few things a recruiter can do to make sure the talent matches the company’s needs. So let’s see what some of those things are by looking at mistakes that are commonly made, as well as steps that should be taken to ensure recruitment goes as smoothly as possible.

Common Recruitment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

While industries differ and businesses within those industries differ, there are some common threads that run when it comes to recruitment. It makes sense then, that some of those common threads come with common mistakes that recruiters make in the process of making new hires. Among the common mistakes that many of these businesses make, there is:

  • Lacking Vision– When someone starts a business, they have a basic idea of what they want that business to be about. The idea can be a simple one or a very complex one, but the point is that idea can lead to something greater. That same principal can be followed when it comes to beginning the search for new talent.
  • Lacking Planning– Good recruiters realize that talent makes or breaks a business, and if you’re looking for hire someone, you want to be sure you do all the right planning to get there. This can range from using the right channels to reach out to candidates, to knowing just what kind of interview questions will be asked of them once you meet with them.
  • Acting too Quickly– You need to be methodical in your planning, so it makes sense that you need to be methodical in the execution as well. When undergoing the recruiting process, make sure you take the time to weigh your options and carefully consider just how an individual would fit into the role that you need filled. Doing all the planning in the world and then making a decision before you’ve given information ample time to process will make the entire effort worthless.
  • Lacking a System – Everything that you do concerning recruitment should rely on a system to make sure everything falls into place. As you work on bringing talent aboard, you want to make sure the process of doing so is not only as efficient as possible, but is scrutinized as closely as possible. If something doesn’t work, it should be pointed out and either improved or removed as soon as possible to ensure your methods are always effective.

By avoiding these missteps, you can make sure your recruitment efforts go much more smoothly and you’re able to secure the right talent for whatever you might need.

The Recruitment Process

And now that you know just what not to do, let’s take a look at just what you should be doing.

  • Conveying Your Vision– You know what you’re looking for, so make sure everyone else does as well. When looking to recruit new talent, make sure you have a clear definition for what your potential hire should be capable of. You want someone who can display the necessary skills and prove that he or she can show a history of using those skills successfully in a business environment.
  • Planning it All Out– This is probably the most involved part of the recruitment process, because you need things like a strong, attractive description of the job as well as an outline of must have skills, for starters. On top of all of that, however, you need to make sure you include enough time in the process. That means time to find a person, time for that person to transition, and time for everyone to become acclimated to the changes that come with a new hire.
  • Having the Right People Provide Input – When you consider recruiting someone for a business, you want to make sure a small handful of established employees have some input. At the very least, you may get some insight into how the potential recruit will get along with others but, on top of that, you might be made aware of attributes the candidate possesses that you might have missed. This is an essential step in the recruitment process because you’re able to get varying opinions on what will be a very important decision, you make sure you take this step very seriously. By following these tips when you need to recruit a new employee, you improve your chances of bringing on someone who can help take a company to its next level.

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